Torah for Sale

  • Written in Poland, circa 1890, in a fine Ashkenazi Bei Yosef script on mashuach parchment (painted on the back with limestone whitewash).
  • 42 lines per column, vav amudim (each column normally begins with the letter "vav," closely matching the standard Tikkun Korim.
  • Parchment height: 21.5"
  • Overall length (including rollers): 38"
  • Weight, with etzim (rollers): 24 lbs.
  • Writing, parchment and sewing are in very good to excellent condition.

Asking $12,000


David Winthrop
Torah Committee Chairperson (preferred)
Home: 603-485-3849
Cell: 603-731-6771

Torah for Sale in NH

Torah for sale in NH